Western Togoland: A dangerous burning sawdust left unattended

It all started as a WhatsApp message by the self-proclaimed leader and founder of western 2 years ago. It was purported that the Volta region is part of Ghana by de facto even though a plebiscite was organized for the English speaking Western Togoland.

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I never figured this issue could come that far to the degree that the flag of Ghana would be supplanted by this gathering in the RCC of the Volta area. 


Today, a series of arrests are made by our Ghana security service for suspecting them to be part of the Homeland Study group, the secessionist group.

Sadly, these suspected group members will confess that they never knew they were recruited for the purpose of the group, rather, they were made fools to think it was Ghana Army recruiting them.

Just recently in the last week of May, several 13 members were picked up at the border near kumbugu.

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We should sort the records out. What has Ghana shared without the individuals of the Volta Region? 


A leader of Ghana originates from your territory. The longest-serving President and leader of Ghana is your own blood. At present, your vital Chief is the leader of Ghana's House of Chiefs. So what is your defense for this battle? 


We as a whole have seen what's going on in the Biafra land in Nigeria. it didn't begin since they needed to split away from Nigeria but instead the "out of line" portrayal as far as administration and numerous other social measurements. The Biafra struggle came about because of a wide component of strain, from legislative issues to religion. 

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The Ibo public are generally Christians who were exploited during the 1966 uproars in the Northern piece of Nigeria.

The military upset which was arranged by an Ibo military man was additionally couped out by an alternate ethnic hailed officer. For this situation, they couldn't legitimize their proposed split away from Nigeria. Be that as it may, oil is accepted to fuel the common war. 


A comparable issue is going on at present in Cameroon where the minority English talking individuals proclaimed common battles with the focal government over enslavement and out of line portion of the public cake.

This is an avocation that is viable. They never had a President from their territory. The outrages are adding up to ethnic purifying and the world is quiet. 

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We don't want to witness the same here in our country.

Their issue began from a plebiscite on eleventh February 1961 with two choices. One choice is to join Nigeria and the other alternative is an association with French-speaking Cameroon. In the interim, the choice they needed to be was not given which was a sovereign state. 


Be that as it may, 60% of the English speaking Cameroon casted a ballot to join Nigeria while 70% of the French side decided in favor of them to be association. 


The association occurred regardless of the plebiscite results and the English talking land was named West Cameroon. In 1972, another constitution was embraced to crumple government West Cameroon into a locale and shaped a unitary state rather than the plebiscite bureaucratic state arrangement. This brought about a progression of contentions in the nation. 

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Considering the two situations from Nigeria and Cameroon to the British Togoland case. 


On ninth May 1956, the British Togoland was set to choose through a choice to either join their french partner or become part of Ghana. This domain has been heavily influenced by the British directed by the United Nations Trust Territory. 


The Togolese Ewe-based Togoland Congress and the prevailing ethnic gathering demonstrated colossal objection to join Ghana. The complete votes cast uncovered that about 55% needs to join Ghana though 45% needed to join their french partner. Recollect the Western Togoland incorporates the Bawkwa city extended down to Yendi until Ho, the capital of the Volta area. 

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This was not quite the same as what occurred in the English talking terrains of Cameroon. 


In any case, the solid objection by the Ewe public represented 70% of the No votes except for the basic larger part of the Togoland endorsed their association with would-be Ghana. 


Lately, an "Olu" chose to uncover the since quite a while ago overlooked skirmish of his kin to look for self-rule for the Togoland. 

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I am certain 99% of the individuals of the Volta area don't pay attention to this gathering. Indeed, even the Volta area place of bosses delivered a press articulation disassociating itself from the gathering. Notwithstanding, shouldn't something be said about those that will come after them? 


Most partition clashes consistently start like what's going on in the Volta locale. At the point when the battles start whether legitimate, the local people don't normally accept it as a serious deal or even help the possibility of partition. Yet, when the cutting edge comes, they will clearly uphold the battles with no legitimate explanation. Some will foment since you once detained their chiefs or dear loved ones. 


The most hazardous aspect of this new advancement is the manner in which the current government is taking care of the gathering. Capturing affirmed individuals from the secessionist gathering will just intensify the circumstance since it will be the reason for others to go along with them. 

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The utilization of Rambo style strategies to storm speculated individuals bunch gatherings and capturing them is a helpless security practice in this circumstance. 


This is simply the ideal chance to help about the set of experiences to remember Ghana to clear questions. At the point when the correct history is educated to the approaching ages, they will realize that they joined Ghana legitimately through a plebiscite. 


Additionally, we should remind ourselves again that the longest-serving head of state and president in Ghana rose up out of the Ewe land. Jerry John Rawlings hailed from the Togoland and have gotten various opportunities to lead Ghana and nobody around then raised the issue about Togolands been important for Ghana or not.

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On the off chance that the issue couldn't have been raised, at that point, nobody has the ethical option to raise it now. Just quit behaving recklessly. The result of such clashes is in every case appalling. 


On the off chance that you get reasonable treatment and still need to split away, at that point you have no ethical option to reprimand imperialism for putting fake outskirts in Africa. 


This issue of partition holds no ethical premise except for a danger to our public security. It resembles consuming sawdust that will be uncovered one-day to inhale air and burst into a flaring fire if the administration won't handle it effectively.

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