We can’t compromise on education, vote NPP – Yofi Grant

CEO of GIPC has entreated Ghanaians to vote massively for the New Patriotic party come December 7 elections. His reason for this call was to enable the NPP government continue the good work especially in education.

CEO Yofi Grant cited trainees allowance restoration, book and research allowance, and Arabic Volunteer allowance as a break through initiatives in the education sector.

He took to the Twitter that “Making sure resources are available to motivate and incentivize those in education. We cannot compromise on education and NPP government is making sure of that. Our people are our most important resource."


This comes after the NDC refuted allegations that they canceled book and research allowance. According to them, they even made it better but there is no doubt that they cancelled teacher trainee allowance but increased enrollment.

We must decode what we want, a few intake with allowance or bumper intake with no allowance. You decide.

2020 Elections is just less than two months and the political environment is hot. The avalanche of promises makes it more interesting than before. Can we trust the two major parties, are the minor ones really have the men. Well, this December poll will tell us.

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