The robbery incident report was a Prank - UCC mgt

Management of UCC has issued a statement to debunk reported robbery on its campus which allegedly claimed some students lives.

According to the Head of Public affairs Major (RTD) Kofi Baa Bentum, the reports are false and must be desregarded and treated as such.

In an interview on TV3, he said “They are talking about some being injured or some being killed.” 

The said report on Twitter was according to the sources was meant for a prank and got out of hand.

“In fact the one who put out the formation said it was a prank," he said.

Unfortunately, the media took it and also twisted the whole story for their own purpose. "He has succeeded in the mischief or the prank that he sought to do because almost everybody has believed it and not only believed it [but] people have added twists to it, he added.

He however assured the general public and the student body that the management is doing all that is necessary to make security on campus very strict.


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