Some of us are still virgin - Emelia Brobbey

Ghanaian actress con songstress has made incredible revelation that actresses are not morally corrupted as some people perceived them to be.

In an interview on Agyenkwa FM with B Ice, she made a strong objection to actresses always indulge in sex for roles and immoral acts. She made a strong defence for her colleagues too.

The Fameko hitmaker further revealed that some of them in the industry have good morals just like any average person and can not be immoral just because they are actresses.

According to her " some of the actresses in the country are virgins."

The popular actress and TV host bemoaned over how actresses are tagged as bad people within society.

Never mind, everyone will get a name if you are good in doing the job- said by a wise man.

She believes the name-calling is because of their popularity—but it is the same blood that runs through others who are not famous.

Emelia Brobbey pointed out she always becomes sad when people tag them as bad nuts.

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