Satan was not an Angel and he is not a Fallen Angel either

Satan is regarded as a fallen angel who was once an angel. This is what we were told to believe in the Bible. But the Islamic sources believe otherwise.

As per the scriptural philosophy, Satan was one of God's holy messengers who started an insubordination in heaven. The purpose behind his resistance isn't known to the best of my scriptural knowledge.

Yet, the ultimate result was that the fiend i.e Satan was vanquished and was ousted from paradise. According to the scriptures, When an Angel that is presently reviled is regarded as a fallen Angel. Thus, Satan is a Fallen Angel. 

However, the Islamic archives have a different category to classify Satan as otherwise not an angel before and not a fallen angel now. Don't be shocked, there are variant and vast knowledge out there about this.

God created three human-like creatures from different materials. Angel, Jinn, and man.

Angels are made from light who has no choice and under no situation can they Angel sin

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They are made to follow the orders from God and can not rebel. In light of this order of God's creation, Satan can't be classified as an Angle kind since he trespassed. 

Man is made from earth however has a choice and can under any situation sin. 

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They have the choice to make a decision to either do something positive or negative. They are made to either follow or not to follow the orders of God. In light of this grouping, Satan could fit into this classification. 

However, Satan existed before the primary man was made. This makes him ill suited to be known as a man since he likewise has unrestrained choice. How about we check from the last and last classification to check whether Satan will fit.

The Jinn is made from a smokeless fire with some exceptional quality in choice. 

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They can likewise decide to obey or ignore God's order simply like men. They have some bizarre disposition making them angry. 

As indicated by the Islamic files, this is the personality of Satan. He was made from fire, he has unrestrained choice to obey or defy God's orders and has irregular high disposition. This makes Satan fit for the jin class. 

An artistic character of these type of creatures is the genie in Aladdin's film. 

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They jinns are viewed as devils in the Bible which are malicious. Notwithstanding, the jinns simply like men some are evil but some are good. The evil jinns are the devils in the Bible in the event that you need to effectively characterize them. 

In the event that Satan was a Jinn, why at that point do individuals group him as an Angel who trespassed against God and was reviled to turn into a Fallen Angel.

The two sources hold a similar thought that Satan was before a decent being serving God. How could he turn evil? 

The story goes that he used to adore God to the degree that he was allowed in the sky to live among the heavenly attendants despite the fact that he was not a blessed messenger but rather a jinn. 

By then, he was viewed as the most devout animal with choice. He anyway was searching for something consequently. 

Before man was made, God sent holy messengers and Satan was among them to strike and execute other untrustworthy jinns that were spreading debasement and spilling blood on earth. 

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At the point when they got back from the undertaking, God uncovered to them that He will make another animal from earth(clay) and will place him in control there. 

This caused satan to create disdain and outrage towards this new animal since he was anticipating that God should place him in control on Earth. 


At the point when God got done with making Adam, He told the blessed messengers to prostrate to man as an indication of regard. All the blessed messengers prostrated aside from Satan. 

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God questioned his decision to disobey him but he(Satan) replied that he is better than him(Adam) because You(God) created the jinn from fire and created man from clay. Fire is greater than clay and the fire should rather be the one they should prostrate to.

He insisted on not obeying God's command and God banished him(Satan) from heaven and cursed him (this nation can be verified from the Quran).

Base on Islamic sources, Satan can be seen as a jinn, not an angel. Hence, Satan is not a fallen angel. There is nothing like fallen angel.

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