"Pastor private shaver" is a movie director, satanic - Pastor Ramon-Gh

On 12th, social media was flooded by shares of a video where an alleged pastor was recorded shaving the private of ladies whiles preaching.

Well, that's what we were made to see as a dirty church bit something we just came across on our search to reveal the truth is that, the man is not and was never a pastor, he has no church, and most interestingly, he is an actor and a movie director.

According to Pastor Ramon-Gh, this man is known for making short videos to furnish the image of the Christian faith.

Simply, he is satanic.

Though he (Pastor Ray) doesn't understand the motive behind his acts, it can be concluded that he is out to distroy the name of the churches.

Another shocking revelation is that it is this same pastor who was once on the news fornbathing inside a drum in  a church and made the congregants to drink the water.

This happened somewhere in Ghana.

Something unusual about his satanic style is that the congregation is always just a few and you have the right to cast doubt about his legitimacy in the christian faith.

Pastor Ray however adviced people to always check the background of disgusting church activities before sharing. He made a reference to this same "pastor" that made similar video about the Muslim faith and was harshly taken and made not to be shared. 

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