NPP has done something very admirable and highly commendable - Manasseh Azure

A distinguished investigative journalist Manasseh Azure has commended the NPP for not littering our streets with campaign flyers.

According to him, the incumbent NPP has done something very admirable and highly commendable.

"In the past few months, I've travelled to five regions of the country. I have not seen the outrageous littering of our towns and cities with too many gigantic billboards as are often common with incumbent parties in elections. I hope others will learn and this will be the trend going forward," he narrated.

Despite the fact that this was different from what he witnessed in 2016, he can still remember the "We See You" speech by 2nd lady Samira Bawumia, now.

Manasseh Azure commended

"I remember this time in 2016. Those powerful words by Samira Bawumia in her riveting "We See You" speech still ring loud and clear. And I'm happy the NPP has not repeated it. It's insensitive and counterproductive in the midst of hardship facing the ordinary Ghanaian who will be queuing to vote.

"I must, however, say the campaign billboards of President Akufo-Addo veiled as Covid-19 educational messages in the wake of the pandemic did not escape my notice while going around the country", he said.

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