Its illegal to Close LGBT office - Joyce Opoku Boateng

A Human Rights lawyer and a Member of NPP Joyce Opoku Boateng said it will be illegal to invade and close down the office of LGBT people in Accra.

This comes after the Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Moses Foh-Amoaning, called on the government to shut down the office.

She said “I don’t think it will be right for anyone to invade their office and attack them because they have not met to engage in any sexual activities. Every human being when you’re born has a fundamental right that no one can take away from you. But we have our norms and culture that frown upon certain things,” she told sit-in host of Morning Starr Lantam Papanko Thursday.

She explained: “If you are caught in the act of having unnatural carnal practice then that’s criminal but when someone expresses his/herself, that’s not criminal because the law is not against that. Assuming someone dresses like a female and you go and beat up the person, it’s a clear case of assault”.

Analogically, can we say the alleged coup plotters were expressing themselves because they have not yet committed it, if so, then why are we seriously persecuting them in court for treason. The expression to commit crime is an intention to commit crime. And that is crime itself.

Unbelievable, you can not compare the incidence of male or female wearing opposite sex fashion to LGBT activism. It looks like Madam have no idea about what LGBT activism mean. Below is a prove of their intention, to kiss or have sex in public.

It has nothing to do with an individual behaving like the opposite sex, its not like gender equality, its not about women joint the military, its not like men cooking, its about gays and lesbians, its about having unnatural canal practices and that is against out constitution.

Madam Joyce, you simple have no knowledge of what you are advocating for. Anyway, that's your opinion and it is bogus with any constitutional merit.

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