Islam has Proven to be the Cure for racism and slavery

Islam is indeed a fascinating religion. We might not like to hear about it but going through the history of this world to the present day, it has proven to be one of the religions that were to save humanity from.

Tragically, this image of Islam has been discolored by promulgation however as a general rule had demonstrated to be the remedy for bigotry and subjugation. 

In spite of the fact that am not in the situation to announce my religion as an African, I may commend Islam for the abolitionist bondage activities that were supported among its adherents. 

There was a slave from African plunge called Bilal. I don't have the foggiest idea what it implied however history revealed to us that he was a dark slave that turned into a Muslim and subsequently, his slave driver who was a non-Muslim apply extraordinary discipline for him. 

Tragically, the non-Muslims were at feelings of spite with the Muslims He was whipped uncountable occasions and told to reprove Islam. His reaction was still no. .

This angered the slave master and he kept increasing the punishment exponentially. Anytime someone offered to buy the Bilal from him, he turned down the offer. His aim was to kill the spirit of the slave just like what they did to our grandfathers in America.

It came to a stage that the slave master will tie him under scorching sun and a huge stone will be placed on him. It came to a point that if he continues, he will lose the slave which would imply loss of money.

Picture of Bilal (R.A)

As a result, he accepted an offer from another Muslim in the form of ransom to release Bilal as a free man. Of course, the price was in multitudes of the market price. Something strange we can take from it is that as a slave, he was giving an equal chance to become Muslims by the religion just like any other person.

The main issue was his proprietor that needed to execute his confidence which is more risky than subjection. Also, more significantly, he was traded on payoff to turn into a liberated person. Not purchased to be claimed as a slave. This is a nice thought that demonstrated Islam is an enemy of bigoted religion. 

Likewise, there were various activities founded in that was to free slaves as bringing home of significant sins. 

The greater part of the significant sins were supposed to be excusing once you free a slave. One of the most famous one is when couples erroneously have intercourse in the early evening time during the long stretch of Ramadan, whether or not they are fasting or not, the discipline is to free a slave. 

This I can say was a drawn out arrangement to kill subjugation. Any sudden abolishment of bondage doesn't generally end well. Furthermore, in particular, the slave drivers used to be the pioneers and well off individuals and could crash upsets without any problem. 

For hostile to prejudice in Islam, there are a great deal of models that we can't put all here. We should utilize the past character in the abolitionist servitude portrayal. This liberated slave got one of the sidekicks of the prophet of Islam. 

He was qualified for whatever some other Muslims are qualified for paying little mind to his root. He turned out to be so near the prophet of Islam to the degree that his dark tone vanished from the attitudes of others. 

He was one of the Muslims that the prophet reported to be granted heaven when he was as yet alive. It was reported those cherished by God are by their acceptable deed not shading or race or riches. Also, the most significant of every one of these was that this Bilal was given the benefit to disclose the main "Azan" in their blessed city on head of the "Ka'aba"". This kind of gesture towards blacks has never been seen in any major religion. Thumbs up.

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