Gays and Lesbians LGBT Opens New Office in Accra

The fundraising ceremony was attended by US ambassador to Ghana and Australian High commissioner who subsequently pledge their support for the group.

Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Moses Foh-Amoaning has called on the government to close down the new LGBT office in Accra.

It is a signal that the group is now public and has come to stay despite clear infractions on the constitution of Ghana and their plan for activities has been clear.

With indications of further activities lined up, the Executive Secretary wants the police to shut down their operations.

According to Moses Foh-Amoaning  “the presidency, the ministry of foreign Affairs and the IGP have every right to investigate that office to close it down immediately and arrest and prosecute those people involved in it."

And also wants Ghanaians to drop the notion that the LGBT community rights is part of Ghana's Human Rights Law.

“The Constitution’s chapter that deals with Fundamental Human Rights and freedom is pretty clear, it talks about discrimination against race, colour, sex, and religious matters,” he said.

The sex speltout in clause is the biological sexual organ that defines your gender not your sexual orientation or what you prefer.

Their interpretation is not only an error but an infraction on our constitution.

He added that, “It never talks about the standard physiology which is normally used for LGBT rights, that is a sexual orientation, we don’t have it in our constitution.”

Mr Foh-Amoaning assured the coalition and Ghanaians that based on our laws, the LGBT rights must be banned in the country.

“We will put the appropriate petitions before Parliament for the immediate passage of a comprehensive legislation and then we will prohibit their motion, he added.

Some supporters have assured the group that by 5-10 years later, they will be kissing another in public.

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