Footballer Murders Girlfriend in Ho and attempted to slaughter himself

Results of sour and abusive relationships are coming to the public in bad taste and the trend is ever increasing as another students believed to be in third year of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College got murdered by her boyfriend.

On 22nd March, Tuesday, Reports indicates that she died after the boyfriend assaulted her. Similar to the incident of a top Ghanaian who allegedly assaulted her wife who later succumb to her wounds from the abuse.

Unlike the case of late Lilian Dejoe abusive incident, Harriet Kafui Ahiati , the 25-year old lady have not registered any complain at the Ho police command before the unfortunate incident.

Jay Dordorye, the suspect was reported to have attempted suicide on spot with a knife which he used to slit his own throat and stabbed himself multiple times but survived.

The 26-year old footballer is in police custody pending investigation by the Ho police command.

God knows that not everyone is compatible to everyone and as such He permitted divorce in our religions and societies. If your relationship turns abusive, its better to quit than perish. If you perish by holding onto abusive partner, know that if you die or get killed, he will replace you. Quitting relationship is the beginning to start a new one. A word to the wise is enough.

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