Fomena MP to vacate Parliament immediately: the seat to be declared vacant

Member of parliament for Fmena constituency in the Ashanti Region will cease to be an MP and will vacate the seat immediately after NPP sacked him from the party.

This comes after he decided to pick and filed nomination to contest as an independent candidate despites all effort by the party failed to convince him to step down.

According to the NPP, he was uncooperative in resolving despites.

Hon. Amoako Asiamah  was one of the sitting NPP MPs who have lost their bid to contest 2020 parliamentary elections on the ticket of NPP. He decided to stand as an independent candidate which will affect the fortunes of the party in the constituency.

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Despite several warnings from the party ranks and files, even including the President Nana Addo's warning to party members going independent, his ambitions did not stop and he filed to contest as independent candidate.

In a statement by the NPP signed by the general secretary John Boadu, “the Party has noted that the Member of Parliament for the Fomena Constituency in the Ashanti Region, Hon. Amoako Andrew Asiamah, who was elected to Parliament on the ticket of the Party, has filed to contest as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate.

John boadu

The statement continued cartegorically that since he was elected on through the parties ticket, he must vacate parliament immediately as our constitution madated. "By doing so, he has presumably vacated his Seat in Parliament pursuant to Article 97(1)(g) of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic," said in the statement.

Constitutionall, any Menber of Parliament that siezes to be a member of that party will automatically vacate the seat and a by-election will be held to fill the seat.

Until the party submits official letters to the state institution about the MP's status, he is still a Member of Parliament but once the dismissal from the party becomes official, the seat will be declared vacant and the necessary steps will be taken to fill it.

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