Facts: 6 Reasons why NDC might Win 2020 December polls

The 2020 presidential elections will as usual be the inclusive battle between the two major political parties i.e NPP and NDC. The political space will be as hot as molten iron. The violence, the propaganda, the mystic promises will be present in the atmosphere.

But that's not our topic for today but we want to take this opportunity to urge our fellow Ghanaians that parties come into power, and parties will leave power. Never put your life on the line for any politician even not for those in the NDC.

Every election is Ghana is always determined by the floating voters. Some are sympathetic whereas others are base on the performance of the party in power. Now let's take a look at the following reasons that signal the lead for NDC in the December 7 elections.


The level of corruption in Ghana is all-time higher than any other period since our independence. The most painful thing is that when people are caught within the government machinery, nothing will happen to them.

We don't even know whether it is still the same NPP who was crying loudly because of some corrupt practices that were thoroughly investigated during the NDC administration and some perpetrators were prosecuted.

As for this NPP administration, those that were caught red-handed I'm corruption are walking freely at the presidency. We all saw corruption caught on camera on the premises of the presidency, missing excavators, missing SADA tricycles, PDS scandal, cash for seat saga, missing cocaine, and others. In the end, no prosecution is done.

This is one of the reasons that will drive away floating votes from NPP. If they lose them, the NDC will amass them.

Fight against corruption watchdogs

At the point when we thought we have seen everything, this NPP organization dispatched an instrument to dispose of all types of obstructions to defilement. Their boundary is the guard dogs that ensure they uncover degenerate practices at the public enclave. 

How about we accept you choose not to see defilement, yet to battle the individuals who fill in as guard dogs is as degenerate as the debasement itself. Consultants, for example, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Manasseh Azure are into hidings in light of the fear that has been released onto them for uncovering this defilement under this NPP government.

Indeed, we should expect they are private people, yet the Auditor General that was for all intents and purposes terminated is was the last standing guard dog to be headed out. This has pushed many drifting citizens towards the NDC and may decide in favor of them in view of the exemption arranged by this legislature in the battle against defilement warriors. 

Failure to protect our peace

I have never seen an all out negligence towards the harmony texture of our dear country until the gathering I decided in favor of in 2016 came into power. Everything began when some criminals raged different public associations and took occupations by sell and container. 

Similar gauge of individuals under the NPP apparatus threatened courts to free their individuals on preliminaries. We as a whole observed what befell Montie 3 who even compromised judges. With respect to these individuals, they even got the guts to storm the court. 

Ayawaso west cart by-political race savagery was a disaster and am apprehensive simply like numerous other gliding electors that if this administration comes into power once more, the pace of political brutality will be the standard of our tranquil country. 

Just as of late, an entire clergyman guaranteed she shielded herself with notice shots at an enlistment community. Indeed, if everybody somehow managed to follow a similar way, at that point I keep thinking about whether Ghana will stand. Accordingly, many gliding electors will project their decisions in favor of somebody who will permit the law to follow through to its logical end

The double standard in policy fulfilments

This government in power has the ungrateful character towards fulfilling some of their promises. The promise has always been sweeter than reality. It comes to a point where the current President was awarded a title called "king promise".

They always promise gold but gives coal. The promised dams could not even hold water in the dry season, the promised factories became castles in the air.

These unfulfilled promises are not what will cost the NPP government in the 2020 elections, but the failure on their part to accept the facts of their mediocrity in policy implementations and correct them. This is likely to win more votes for the NDC come December election.


This pandemic has cleared the haze made by the NPP in 2016 that we don't eat framework. Despite the fact that most of us purchased their thought on the grounds that the foundation doesn't put cash straightforwardly in our pockets however the advantages are procured in the long haul. 

The wellbeing area was helped by staggering clinical focuses by the NDC government which filled in as the spine in the COVID-19 battle. Many have understood that the NDC government was visionary which we didn't consider in 2016. 

Sympathy Votes

This class of electors will be huge for the NDC. Their serene official up-and-comers have demonstrated that governmental issues isn't about free talk, yet the dreams that follow you. The acknowledgment of committing errors and plan to address time improve one a pioneer. That is the up-and-comer that the NDC is introducing at the December surveys. 

These and numerous different reasons will make it a cool cleave for the NDC come December 7. On the off chance that the NPP needs to turn the lead in support of themselves, at that point they should address those issues they have with people in general and are referenced previously. Other than that, the NDC will win the 2020 races.

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