Eating Egg yolk is like Smoking 3 Cigarettes

This report was first published by UK NHS. Initially, the findings were questionable but as time passed, we realised that the research was based on people who suffered coronary heart disease.

Out of 1,200 patients, some have no history of smoking but eats at least 1 egg yolk a week.

A number of them have no history of eating eggs regularly and some have eat eggs and smoke cigarette.

The severity of the lungs disease is worse for those who eat eggs yolk and smoke cigar. Those who eat only egg yolk in a week followed. Amazingly, those who smoke were having tge least severed lung disease.

Finally, the research proved that eating egg yolk is like smoking three cigarettes.

The study was carried out by SPA research center in partnership with Robert Research institute in 2012.

This sparked the conspiracy theory that the dairy industry is paying billions of dollars to governments to include eggs as a nutritious product. 

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