Soldiers deployed there have no good intention, don't say I didn't warn you - A-plus to Voltarians

An out spoken Musician con politician dropped another hint about the undisclosed military deployment to the Oti and Volta regions.

Though it is not confirmed yet whether they are indeed in the region at the moment, A-plus took to his Twitter handle to warn voltarians to be one anothers' keeper because Nana Addo has deployed the military to quench the Western Togoland fires.

He stated that " Volta fuor, he has dispatched to your region to cause fear, panic and intimidate you from now till Dec 7."

They the reason for the deployment might be officially different, many people suspect the NPP government to have mastermind the disturbances in the two region just to justify the military deployment and intimidation on the NDCs stronghold, the Volta.

The stated continued that, "they have arrived in many parts of Volta and do not have good intentions. Be each others keeper. These guys are dangerous. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Well, they question is that, why did we suddenly have this group in 2017 after the NDC lost power. Don't forget they have been victimised by certain group of people and sometimes raged as non Ghanaians.

But this does not warrant your decision to break apart, you are always Ghanaians and will always be. Don't disturb the peace of Gbedema.

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