Dogecoin killer Giveaway: FREE $50,000 SHIBS to be Grabbed from Binance Exchange

Binance is giving away $50,000 worthy of SHIBS away to new users. SHIBS is a new cryptocurrency nicknamed the dogecoin killer inspired by the same meme Shiba Inu(dog breed from Japan).


The current price at the time of writing this article is $0.000032 per token.



A dollar could get you 30,000 tokens. With a value growth rate of 1900% in April, 2021, an investor is now worthy $1900 from $1 investment in April alone. One of the promising side of the story is that you can exchange it for any other crypto currency in binqnce and other astute crypto marketplace. And also can be exchanged in fiat currency directly.

According to Binance, one of the largest crypto exchange market is calling on fans and investors of this promising new token that have seen an increment in value by two million percent to participate in this free giveaway.

What is more exciting about this promo is that it has three but inclusive categories to get a piece of this cake. It cuts across both new and existing users.

Category A dubbed promotion A:

Newly registered users who join binance within the promotion period(12-18 May) and have traded 15,000,000 in any pair of SHIBS will equally splits $10,000 worth SHIBS tokens. You can register for new account on Binance here.


Category B:

Another $10,000 SHIBS token for users who make SHIBS deposits into their Binance account. The net deposit of SHIBS should be at least 8,000,000 i.e the difference in your SHIBS deposits and withdrawal during the promotion period.


Category C (Promotion 3): 

Exciting bonus of $500 worth SHIBS will be awarded to 60 users(new and existing) who qualified for category A and B. The award process will be a lucky draw. The $500 worth SHIBS is non-splitable.

Reward is slatted to be distributed 2 weeks after the promo and assured. Terms and conditions apply.


Things to know about Binance:

  • One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange market in the world.
  • A competitor that outperformed coinbase.
  • Can exchange crypto assets (coins, tokens, DeFi, NFTs, etc) with one another and fiat(Dollar, Euros, etc) directly.
  • Support almost all local payment processing from mobile money in Africa to Paypal.

Things to know about SHIBS TOKEN:

  • A crypto asset.
  • An Ethereum token.
  • Increased in value by 2,000,000% since 2020.
  • Nicknamed as dogecoin killer because of same meme inspiration, the Shiba Inu dog breed.
  • Worthy for investment.

How to Purchase SHIBS with Credit Card, Mobile Money, Bank deposit, or any Other Cryptocurrency

How to store a new crypto coin or asset for the future safely 

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