Defi100 Coin Scammed $32 Million and Brags about it

Defi100 told its investors that they have been scammed and they can not do sh*t about it. The group also hinted that more of this scams to occurs in the next 2 to 3 months to come.

As decentralised finance protocol known as defi coin was built on binance smart exchange and the team was anonymous making it hard to track them down. Shouldn't that be the red alert all along? Sorry but no, most cryptocurrencies developers are still unknown for security reasons.

An alert in the first hours promoted visitors of the that they have been scammed and and "you can't do [ the slightest thing] about it." This is how the website looks like in February. Notorious fraudsters huh! Mocking your victims is a crime itself. Just too bad it happens they are anonymous.

Their defi100 website went down few hours after the alert.

Defi100 Scam website down


Many doubted it to be true and suggested it could be hackers. But wait, there is no official communication on defi100 social media accounts and the fears of the investors are confirmed, they have been scammed by defi100 team.

An unnamed crypto analyst told put a haul at $32m which is not confirmed yet.

So what's next, the faith of their investors. Well, the price of the token have since went down by 25% after this event. Thought they have been scammed, trading the currency is still legit though the value is almost zero. Has no real value at this mument.


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