COVID-19: NOGUCHI Could have Saved us the Insults we Received with the Vaccine - Manasseh Azuri Writes

In his latest post titled NOGUCHI AND WHY YOU'RE AMONG THE "POOREST", he lamented over the world calling Ghana a poor country that could not develop and vaccine yet they refused to participate in clinical trials. He writes.

When Covid-19 struck, Noguchi was our saviour. Noguchi survives mainly on the benevolence of Japan and other foreign donors. The building in which the Covid-19 tests are conducted and its machines were built and procured by Japan and others.

When Covid-19 struck, the first main supply of test kits and PPE came as aid from China.

Our first Covid-19 vaccine came in the form of aid. Covax is a vaccine arrangement meant to support poor countries of the world. Some of the ambassadors of the EU countries we're unhappy with for poking their noses in the LGBT issues are posting how much their countries supported these programmes.

Are we too poor to resource Noguchi, KCCR and other critical institutions that survive on the support of foreign taxpayers and their business people? What does the nation which was named GOLD Coast in the colonial era use its vast resources for? If Noguchi had been allowed to even do the test at Kotoka and take those funds, do you know how resourced the institution would have been?

Those who fund us and provide our state institutions with aid, including aid to the Ghana REVENUE Authority, cannot be faulted for calling us poor. 

If you're really serious about the dignity of your person and country, don't be angry at the one who says, "Take this food and eat with your big mouth". Be angry with your father who has starved you to the extent that you cannot reject food that comes with an insult.

Until you care about the wastage of your public funds on shady procurements and judgment debts and do something about it, you will continue to suffer the indignities of a begging country. 

And your children and grandchildren won't escape it either.

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