Covid-19 deaths pass 1 million and might reach 2 million before Vaccine arrive

The deadly Coronavirus identified 2019 has so far killed people to a record of more than one million.

This is subject to the official numbers but estimated to be far more than this figure as some heads of states might not be able to have the actual statistics.

While Germany was a safe haven, it is now recording more cases than ever while Peru is the hardest hit. I guess you never even beard it because you have soon forgotten about coronavirus.

However, the World Health Organisation has announced that it the global death toll will surpass two million before a vaccine is found.

Though unfortunate, this the least fatal pandemic the world have ever seen. Whiles we are talking about 1 to 2 million deaths, our fathers and forefathers were counting at least 20 million deaths for their pandemics.

Fortunately, the least developed continent happens to be spared by the cold hands of COVID-19 with the exception of South Africa.

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