Business registration just made easier online: Sole proprietorship

Most of us would like to legitimise our small scale business or even a fully developed business venture.

However, the bureaucracy one will go through just to legalise their business mostly deter people and the only alternative is to resort to middlemen popularly known as "goro boys" who charge exorbitant amounts.

Imagine a sole proprietor business registration which cost just 50cedis will cost you 500 cedis through a middleman.

Well, the good news is that, you don't need a middleman to get your business registered in Ghana. You can just do it right online right from your phone. And that's definitely what am about to take you through.

Step 1: Make these documents available

  • A valid ID card (Voter, passport , Driver's license, NIA)
  • A TIN (if you don't have one, find how to obtain one online for free HERE)

Step 2: Go to the Egov website CLICK HERE

Step 3: locate signin on the homepage or click on singup if its your first time using the Egov website

After confirming your email, login with the details (username and password). Now the portal of business registration will be opened for you and you will see 3 options including a profile, click on it.

Step 4: fill the profile and connect the TIN to the profile

Thats where it gets frustrating because you must input same details on your TIN in other for it to get approved.

I actually used three days to guess my correct details on my first business registration trial. Dont give up on this stage, you can get to any GRA office to get the TIN details in case you forget some.

If you have the correct details, then your application process is just as filling a check. Once you TIN is connected to the account, you can even generate an e-TIN if you want. 

Step 5: Return to the homepage and you will now see four options including Business Registration

Hurry, you are on your way to get it done. Click on it

Fill in they business name of your choice you will be told whether its available. If yes, select the business type. In our example, We will choose sole proprietorship.

After that, click continue and will automatically save once your inputs are valid.

Step 6: Fill the business type information including business description and code

If you are confused about the business type ISIC codes find CLICK HERE

Step 7: Fill in the next pages mostly constitute your own details and location followed by the business location

Step 8: input you TIN as owner of the business

If you are registering it for someone, use their TIN.

Step 9: preview the information and confirmed before submitting the application

At this stage you will be required to submit a picture of your ID and declaration form.

You can download the declaration form and use pdf editor to fill it. Its simply. 

As for sole proprietorship business registration, not much to be submitted. However, you will be required to submit more than the above mentioned forms.

Once submitted, the registration fees will be spelt out which is 50 cedis for sole proprietorship.

Step 10: Go to transactions and fullfil the payment using mobile money

This will cost you a total of 61 cedis during payment.

You can choose to receive your business certificate at your doorstep but at a cost (I think it cost at least 20 cedis). This option is only available during payment process. Otherwise, it will be sent to the nearest GRA office foe you to go and collect it there.

Immediately you pay, your certificate will be ready the next business day.

Enjoy your legal business

Remember that this tutorial is for a sole proprietorship type of business.

 Click on the appropriate type of business for their tutorials below:

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Company limited by guarantee shares registration

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If you are not sure about the type of business you are currently running, check our guide here.

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The egov website is not stable

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