All you need to Know about Shiba Inu Coin and How to Buy or Sell it from Anywhere

We will briefly explain an esay to buy or sell Shiba Inu Token with Visa card, MasterCard, Mobile money, Bank deposit and other cryptocurrencies.

SHIBA INU Token has been nicknamed the dogecoin killer for four main reasons:

1. Both have same meme (Shiba Inu, Japanese dog breed).

Shiba Inu


2. Both coins started as a joke.

3. Shiba Inu token can be traded on the largest crpyto exchange marketplace called Binance.

4. Value increased more than 1,000,000% from 2020-2021 April.

Now that you understand why it is called dogecoin killer, let grab some of the coins at early birds price for $0.00003 per token at the time of publishing this article.

We will be buying or selling our SHIBS from binance which just listed this token in May 2021.

 Binance Exchange


As one of the largest crypto exchange markets, you have a varieties of payment options which we interested in for inclusiveness sake.

To Buy Step 1

Go to Binance website. Click here to register. Verification is not needed for trades below $1000. Verify your email and phone number then proceed to step 2 below.

To buy Step 2

Login your account and go to the main menu. Select Buy crypto and choose your local currency.

You can buy SHIBS directly with VISA card, MasterCard, Mobile Money or exchange with Cryptocurrencies for SHIBS.

You will then be giving payment options in the currency you chose. If you choose any African country currency and there is mobile money in that country, the option of Mobile money such as Mpesa, MOMO, Aitel Money, etc) will be made available for you.

HOWEVER, if you want to exchange any amount of cryptocurrencies you already owned, you need to deposit the crypto asset into binance wallet and use Convert option from the main menu to exchange it for SHIBA INU token.

In other to deposit any cryptocurrency into Binance wallet, go to the main menu and click on deposit. Check if this page is labeled Deposit Crypto, if it does, type in the name of the coin or token you want to deposit, and transfer the coins to the address of your wallet. After depositing the crypto assets, head to the main menu convert it to SHIBS Token.

To buy Step 3

After confirming the exchange, the SHIBS will be available in your Finance wallet which you can keep safe or transfer to any TRC-20 supported wallet. Congratulations!!! You now hold some SHIBS.

To sell Step 1

Also register or login you Binance account.

To Sell Step 2

From the main menu, click on convert to sell your SHIBS directly to Fiat( Cash) or any other Cryptocurrency. 

To Sell Step 3

After selling your SHIBS, you can withdraw through same payment gateways which is available for deposits.


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Disclaimer: Note that Cryptocurrencies are not stable and can cause massive loss or gain in any period. This is not a financial advice and we will not be liable for any loss of assets from decisions taken after reading this article.

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