50% of Ghanaian men are impotent

According to a Ghanaian sexapathologists, about 50% of Ghanaian men are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction popularly known as impotency.

Impotency though a misconstrued word, its still dangerous. It doesn't necessarily means you don't have live sperms but it also include inability to erect when needed.

Dr. Samuel Amanamah, Executive Director of Sexual Health Foundation, the cause of this worrying distinction mostly due to heart disease, diabetics, high blood pressure.

“Most men between the ages of 40 and 70 have sexual dysfunctions due to diseases like diabetes and hypertension which are unknown to them. The situation creates a lot of family destabilizations leading to broken homes,” he said

The whole idea of impotency can break marriages even if resources are available in the union.

The disease however comes in different forms that could be mild, or moderate or even sever.

He however insist that it can be treated and we should seek medical help not use self-medication.

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