4 dead in 3 days as COVID-19 cases surge again in Ghana

For the past three days, Ghana have seen an increment in COVID-19 active cases. A total of 29 new case recorded since 11th October making it deaths count rise to 310.

Sadly, about four persons died from the virus since Sunday out of the 347 active cases.  

As at now, the virus existence was nearly wiped out after these new records. Should we be worried after an almost defeated virus now making gains on ground or its just a sudden occurance.

Cumulatively, Ghana has recorded and confirmed 47,126 positive cases and 310 deaths. 

However, many people are going through their normal daily activities without any precautionary measures. Sometimes, many even forget we have a pandemic going on. Well, we hope the virus die in Africa.

The novel Coronavirus identified 2019 was first recorded in China and regarded as the origin of the virus.

China managed to clamp of down in three months and managed it ad epidemic. Unfortunately, the lifestyle in Europe accelerated the epidemic into a pandemic with Europe becoming one of the most hit countries.

Ghana got its own share in April and its still in Ghana as we speak.


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