GES CSSPS: 151,266 Qualified Candidates Could not be Placed- Check How to Place Yourself

According to Ghana Education Service, the computerised placement list is ready to be released on Sunday, 28th of February but 151,266 BECE candidates who are qualified could not be placed due to various reasons.

With a total of 533,693 registered candidates, only 494,530 candidates are qualified to be placed into various SHSs and TVETs.

343,264 qualified candidates were automatically placed during the computerised selection. Unfortunately, 151,266 of the qualified candidates count not be placed under any of their choices.

To check your ward or your own placement, obtain a voucher from either post office or any mobile network and go to

Enter your 10-digit index number and add 20 to it. Eg. 0100102004 as index number, then 20 giving a total of 12-digits, 010010200420.

Enter the valid pin code from the voucher and click submit. Wait for results. If you are placed congratulations. If not,you will be automatically be redirected to place yourself if you are among the 151,266 qualified but not placed list.

Follow the procedure below to place yourself into any school of your choice.

Note: you can not place yourself if you were automatically placed by CSSPS. You can only be self-placed in School if you have not been placed before but can change multiply of times too. 


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